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Silicone products manufacturers introduce the advantages of silicone gifts?

Silicone jewelry refers to the use of silicone rubber as a raw material to make use of the characteristics of silicone rubber raw materials to produce silicone jewelry. The essence of silicone jewelry is decoration. With the development of silicone jewelry, the function of silicone jewelry is more and more powerful, but can not cover up. Its appearance is beautiful and dazzling. Silicone gifts are a general term for some silicone products that are used as gifts for promotional purposes in silicone products. Silicone is made of 100% environmentally friendly silica gel, various silicone jewelry, silicone daily necessities, silicone electronic peripherals, silicone promotional gifts, silicone kitchenware. Common silicone promotional gifts include silicone bracelet, silicone watch, silicone mobile phone case, silicone key case, silicone coin purse, silicone glasses bag, silicone pad, silicone u disk, silicone cup cover, silicone jewelry, silicone ice tray, silicone cake mold , silicone sleeve, silicone doll, silicone electronic gifts, etc.

Functional jewelry mostly uses electronic digital products as the carrier, which mainly plays the role of protection and beautification and convenient operation. This is a more targeted type and needs special customization.

The silicone gift has the characteristics of silicone material which is 100% environmentally friendly, non-toxic, heat resistant, cold resistant, oxidation resistant, waterproof and moisture resistant, non-pressurized, corrosion resistant, scratch resistant and non-slip resistant. Unique product design, diverse styles, diverse colors; unique self-adhesive smooth surface, good anti-slip stability, bright color, very decorative; healthy and environmentally friendly, no odor, shockproof, mildewproof, sunscreen; elegant and beautiful, soft and comfortable, Arbitrarily placed, can be in regular contact with the body; sound insulation, easy to cut and lay, easy to replace, easy to clean; good resilience, high tear strength, good flatness, high temperature resistance; environmentally friendly, non-toxic, wear-resistant and slip resistant , anti-aging, corrosion resistance, durable.

Because silicone gift has more excellent characteristics and comfortable hand feeling, the product is novel, the color is bright, the creative design, the product has good durability and promotion effect, and the product is deeply loved by consumers and promoters, so the silicone promotional gift application industry is extensive. Large-scale shopping mall promotion, brand gift promotion, electronic peripherals, automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, furniture equipment, toys, machinery, medical equipment, sports equipment, audio, lighting, automotive, chemical, and other industries can see the role of silicone gifts.

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