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Silicone products manufacturers introduce you to the use of silicone products

The main raw material of the silica gel product is silica gel. However, the silica gel can be divided into coarse pore silica gel and fine pore silica gel according to the route of use. Crude silica gel is mainly used for some soft silicone products, while fine pore silica gel is mainly used for silica gel products with slightly higher hardness. The ratio of the two is very different, and the content of the silica gel itself is also different. The following silicone product manufacturers exemplify a part of the use of the silicone product.

Silicone rubber has excellent comprehensive performance and good technical and economic effects, so it has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, electrical, chemical, instrumentation, automotive, construction, light industry, machinery and other industries as well as medical and health, daily life. application.

1. Silicone products are an indispensable part of making copiers, keyboards, electronic dictionaries, remote controls, toys, and silicone buttons.

2, can be used to make durable shaped gaskets, packaging materials for electronic components, maintenance materials for automotive electronic components.

3, can be used to make electronic components, molded high point pressure flange.

4, can be used to make conductive silica gel, medical silica gel, foam silica gel, mold silicone and so on.

5. It is used for sealing construction of buildings and repairs, high-speed kilometers joint sealing, bridge sealing, etc.

6, can be used for baby products, maternal and child supplies, baby bottles, bottle protective sleeves.

7, can be used in the production of kitchen products, kitchen utensils and related auxiliary kitchen products

8, can be used for medical equipment accessories, because of the colorless, odorless and non-toxic properties of silicone, widely used in the medical industry


High temperature resistance: Suitable temperature range -40 to 230 degrees Celsius, can be used in microwave ovens and ovens

Easy to clean: After the silicone cake mold product is washed, it can be cleaned in water or cleaned in the dishwasher.

Long life: the properties of the silicone material are very stable, and the cake mold products made have a longer life than other materials.

Soft and comfortable: Thanks to the softness of the silicone material, the cake mould product is comfortable to touch, extremely flexible and not deformed.

Diverse colors: Different colors can be blended according to the needs of customers.

Environmentally friendly and non-toxic: no toxic or hazardous substances are produced from raw materials entering the factory to finished product shipments.

It can be seen that the use of silicone products is very extensive and involves almost all aspects of life. The main reason is that silica gel is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic substance and does not depend on scarce petroleum resources.

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