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Silicone manufacturer introduces the application of silica gel in the medical field

Hygienic grade hoses are generally exported, and there is little need in the country. The medical silicone tube industry is actually a relatively biased industry, but many people believe that the future development of medical silicone hoses is very good. Compared with labor-intensive industries, there will be a better development momentum. Electronic and electrical appliances, medical equipment, baby products and other large industries involve a wide range of products, and many products previously used with rubber will gradually be replaced by silicone tubes. In 2015, the development trend of silicone rubber will be concentrated on liquid glue, which will also change the current pattern of silicone rubber industry to some extent. At the same time, we must also be aware of the current fierce competition in the silicone rubber industry, silicone hose will be applied to a wider range of industries.

Silicone rubber has good biocompatibility, no irritation to human tissues, no toxicity, no allergic reaction, minimal reaction of body rejection; good physical and chemical properties, and can maintain its originality during contact with body fluids and tissues. Elasticity and softness, not degraded, is a fairly stable inert substance. It can withstand high temperatures and can be sterilized. It is easy to process and shape, easy to process and engrave shape, and easy to use.

Medical silicone rubber tube (food silicone rubber tube), sanitary grade silicone hose is made of imported silicone rubber material and platinum catalyst, advanced mechanical extrusion. The products have passed the EU ROHS and the US FDA certification. The medical device tube has high transparency, odorless and specifications can be customized according to user requirements. It is resistant to biological aging and has little reaction to human tissues. It does not cause foreign body reaction after entering the human tissue, and does not cause inflammation to surrounding tissues. Therefore, it has been increasingly used in medical and health applications. For example: drainage tube, blood vessel, various catheters, silicone blood vessels / belts, peristaltic pump silicone tube (biopharmaceutical) and other industries.

Pharmaceutical grade medical silicone rubber tube, sanitary grade medical silicone tube performance:

1. The medical silicone tube is a kind of environmentally friendly silicone tube, non-toxic, odorless and highly transparent;

2, soft, good elasticity, resistance to kinks and deformation;

3, no cracking, long service life, cold and high temperature resistance;

4, in line with the standard of health-grade drug testing, no yellowing at room temperature, no frosting, no whitening, no fading, no water in the water for a long time, no odor;

5. It is more suitable for medical silicone tube for medical machinery.

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