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Summary of four common problems in silicone products

What is the density of silicone products?

The main raw material of the silica gel product is silica gel, and the silica gel itself is a colorless, odorless and amorphous state at normal temperature. Compared with silica gel, the density of silica gel products is slightly larger. According to the density of 1.2 g/cm in the unit area of ​​silica gel, the viscosity of silica gel is changed in the addition of vulcanizing agent and color masterbatch. This change has not been great, but it still has a certain impact. Currently, the density of silicone products is generally calculated according to 1.3 g/cm.

What should I do if I have 2 colors on a silicone product?

I want to make a two-color silicone product, but as for what kind of product, we can not discuss it, but only for the two-color problem. For such a silicone product, it can be produced as early as a few years, but few manufacturers will do such a product. Before doing the remote control button, the color KEY is embedded in the button. In many trade friends, this two-color is also called color-matching silicone products. It is the most common in some gifts, and it is necessary to make two sets of molds to produce one product. It is much more difficult than a set of molds. Production costs have also increased a lot. However, different products are somewhat different in production.

Silicone products have burrs on the side of the product, what should I do?

“What about silica gel products with burrs on the side of the product?”. Product quality is the soul of the company's survival. Without good product quality, there is no way to talk about customer returns. When we do every product, we must ask ourselves: "This product is sold to us, will you use it?" This is a concept that a manufacturer should have, and it is also a social responsibility, product quality. Good or bad determines whether it can quickly occupy the market's important factors. It is also a necessary condition for a company to truly survive. As a silicone product factory, the products produced should not have details such as peaks, burrs, and lack of materials.

Where is the quality of silicone products?

It is these details that are the key to quality. Silicone products have problems such as burrs or peaks. Apart from the fact that the products themselves are not well-repaired, they also have a great relationship with the self-demolition of the molds. Therefore, if the molds are done well or not, the quality of the silicone products will be directly affected. Good molds are of course good steel. For some high-volume silicone molds, we usually use P20 steel to make molds. The higher standard is 718S steel. These steels are mainly used for the production of some precision silicone parts. More than 90% of the molds produced by Dibo Silicone Products Factory use P20 steel, which is highly evaluated in the industry regardless of cost or quality.

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