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Silicone products manufacturers tell you how to clean silicone cups

Silicone kitchen utensils have been very common to us. People who drink tea regularly should also use silicone cups (silicone cups can withstand high temperatures at 240 degrees, so there is no problem with tea boiling water 100 degrees), then how to clean silicone cups It became a problem. After drinking tea in a silicone cup for a long time, tea stains appeared in the cup, and it was difficult to remove. How to remove silicone cup tea stain?

First, how to clean the silicone cup?

1. Silicone cups will become black after a long time due to the presence of tea stains. Even if they are not washed with medium-sized detergents, we can soak them with vinegar or soak them with bleach.

2. Use a sponge to rub the salt, so that you can easily clean the dirt on the silicone cup.

3. If it is a small piece of tea stain on the silicone cup, you can soak the silicone cup in the solution of bleach or cleaning powder, and then leave it for one night to remove the tea scale.

4, you can also use a toothpaste or broken egg shell to scrub the silicone cup, and then rinse with water.

Second, cleaning silicone cups precautions

After a long period of soaking, the silicone cups are basically brown, and they can't be washed with water. At this time, we can squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on the tea set and apply the toothpaste evenly on the surface of the silicone cup with a hand or a cotton swab. After about a minute, wash the silicone cup with water, so that the tea stain on the silicone cup is easily cleaned. Cleaning with toothpaste is not only convenient, but also does not damage the tea set or hurt the hand. It is convenient and simple, and tea lovers can try it out.

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