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How to solve the problem that silicone products are easy to stick to dust?

In the daily life process, we have seen that many silicone products are one of the higher density materials. It is rare to see the phenomenon of water seepage in the silicone material. The dry material is taken for granted, so you can see it in the market. A lot of desiccant made of silicone material! However, when it comes to the adsorption force in the solid silicone products, many silicone mobile phone sets, silicone straps and other accessories will appear sticky dust phenomenon? Therefore, compared with other materials, silicone sticky dust is also its biggest drawback, but the adsorption of silica gel has been a lot of friends have been asking to understand, the same is the silicone material, why organic solid silicone products will appear dust, and Does the film of silicone products have the phenomenon of sticky dust? What is its principle?

Adsorption is the main reason for silica gel to be dusty. Even if it is made of a good silica gel raw material such as antistatic glue, it will have natural physical adsorption force. If it is left in time, it will also adsorb dust particles around it, so silicone can be called The physical adsorption force of the silicone raw material is anodic, and can be used as a chemical auxiliary material to have a strong adsorption reaction on other polar substances. In order to enhance the adsorption capacity of the silica gel, the active structural unit of the adsorbent should be increased. Therefore, if the silica gel is calcined to completely dehydrate, the silanol groups of the silica gel are completely destroyed to reduce or even have no adsorption capacity; if a large amount of water is added to the silica gel, the adsorption force will also decrease, because the silanol groups form with water. Too many hydrogen bonds reduce their active proportions.

Secondly, for products with relatively high hardness, there is no effect of adsorbing dust and impurities. For the production of low-hardness products, there is no sticky dust in the production of electrostatic rubber. For the adsorption of silica gel products, silicone manufacturers can first bake them. Baked to keep the product is dry to remove a certain amount of static electricity, spray the hand oil to prevent sticky dust, the hand oil belongs to an oily substance. The main function is to increase the smoothness of the appearance of the silicone surface, to maintain the dustproof effect, for consumers, you can buy white Wipe the electric oil properly, and use the dust-free cloth to stick the alcohol to remove the dust on the appearance!

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