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4Common problem

What is the role of silicone products and silicone rubber products?

Silicone products can adapt to different needs in different fields. Maybe everyone knows what silicone is, and what kind of material is made of silica gel, but what is the main role of silica gel? Silicone rubber is mainly used in our lives. In what ways?

What kind of products are currently available for silicone products? Of course, there are many kinds of products on the market. I can’t list them here. The silicone products that are common in our daily life are: silicone mobile phone sets, silicone buttons. , silicone tableware, silicone miscellaneous pieces, silicone toys, silicone wallets, silicone bags, silicone tea sets, silicone audio sets, accessories and so on.

Silicone coin purse

Organic silicone rubber and silicone rubber are two-component room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber which is resistant to high and low temperature, good tensile tear resistance, high strength anti-agent pressure and non-corrosive. With excellent electrical insulation properties, sealing performance and aging resistance, it can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -60~+200 °C. As a bonding and sealing material for electronic components, semiconductor devices, electrical and electronic equipment, it can also be used as sealing and insulating materials for aircraft cabins, instrument cabins, flight cabins, etc.; it is the first choice for sealing, insulation, moisture-proof and shock-proof materials.

The advantages of silicone have gradually been discovered, replacing many other materials in our daily lives. For the silicone product factory, in the process of production and production, it is very important to select the silicone material in time. It is non-fading, non-toxic and tasteless, easy to clean and oil-resistant at daily temperature, soft, non-slip, feel good, use Convenience will also be our unanimous pursuit of high quality materials.


13. Why is silica gel an environmentally friendly material?

The world produces 490 million tons of garbage every year, and China produces about 150 million tons of municipal waste every year. The urban garbage volume of urban population in China is about 152 million tons, the harmless treatment volume is 94 million tons, and the harmless treatment rate is 62%. The harmless treatment rate of rural garbage is lower.

What is garbage harmless treatment?

At present, urban waste mainly adopts sanitary landfill, composting, incineration and other methods. Most of the urban wastes are stacked and simply landfilled, and some applications are also applied to sanitary landfill, mechanized composting and incineration. Incineration technology is the most effective way to waste, reduce, and recycle waste, and it is the development mode of waste disposal in the future.

Why is silica gel an environmentally friendly material?

Silica gel chemical formula mSiO2·nH2O (Silica gel; Silica), is a highly active adsorbent material, is an amorphous substance, insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, chemically stable, except for strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid. Reacts with any substance. The burning of silica gel does not produce odor, poison, and residue is a non-toxic and harmless white powder. Therefore, silicone filling and burning do not cause harm to the environment. In addition, due to the high recovery value of silica gel, it is rarely discarded. In summary, silica gel is an excellent environmentally friendly material. It is worth a lot of application in the field of daily necessities. Silicone daily necessities made of silica gel not only protect people's health, but also reduce environmental stress. The more environmentally friendly materials are used, the healthier the earth is, and the environment in which we live is more suitable for human habitation! Silicone not only brings us products, but also gives us a good environmental outlook.

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